Thursday, 26 December 2013

Look who has visited our bitter gourd blooms!!

Posing for the photo
This post is purely accidental and it is not at all what I thought I will be writing this week. I was planning to write a blog on bitter gourds (pavakka in Malayalam). But in came the holiday season and every thoughts of blogging, or rather writing the post vanished in a jiffy. So today, I made a conscious decision to set aside the remaining tasks for sometime and concentrate on writing a post, especially on growing bitter gourds. 

Auditioning for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-2?
While browsing through the bitter gourd photos from our terrace, I noticed that we have taken quite a few snaps of the visitors of the bitter gourd blooms as well. And they were posing for the camera in a rather cute fashion that I feel compelled not to overlook them. So here are some of the pictures of our garden visitors, who have a special liking for the vibrant bitter gourd blooms. 

Warning: Some pictures might look repetitive..

Both pictures on top are of the same visitor. As neither me, nor N is much aware of the classification of bees, we just didn't bother about the identity. Bees, being natural pollinators are a very welcome sign for the gardeners. Even though we hand pollinate our bitter gourd flowers, we long for their visits. 

A new visitor
Here is the picture of another visitor, who is remarkably different from the previous one. I am not sure whether this one is a bee or a wasp. 

Lunch over
But in our garden, not everything is rosy for these visitors. The yellow sticky paper we used for trapping the white flies, also caught some of the bees. They were attracted by the yellow color, and the stickiness of the paper made it impossible for them to escape once they sit on it. 
Say 'Cheese'!!
With the new year looming around the corner, we hope that there will be more visitors in our garden.. And they will be able to escape the traps of sticky papers..

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