Monday, 2 December 2013

Colors from our garden - Part 2

When the plants begin to bloom, our garden will be awash with colors - yellow being the prominent one. Here I am sharing some of those pictures, taken throughout the seasons. 

Zucchini flower and fruits
Zucchini (summer squash):
Is there a thing like 'Pride of the garden'? If yes, then zucchini takes that crown in our backyard. From the time the seeds germinate, to the growth and subsequent harvest, the squash family member is always being treated like a king. Ours is the hybrid variety bearing golden yellow flowers and fruits. The bright blooms have literally solved the problem of attracting pollinators to the open terrace. Zucchini has separate male and female flowers, and the sunny flowers and fruits clearly stand out from the rest.

Bitter gourd 
Bitter gourd:
Another set of gorgeous golden blooms in our garden belongs to bitter gourd. Like zucchini, this plant also has separate male and female flowers. These are seen in abundance during the summer season and are comparatively smaller in sizeWe had a bumper bitter gourd harvest from the native varieties, but they were very bitter in taste. 

Cucumber flowers
Being from the gourd family, cucumber features the same characteristics of bitter gourd - yellow blooms and separate male and female flowers. As both of them were growing nearby, it was very easy to confuse the male flowers (female ones are easy to distinguish with the fruit set at the end). One major trouble we faced while growing this was the blooms and small fruits drooping off from the stalk.
Strawberry flower


The pristine white flower is from strawberry. Unlike the above mentioned vegetables, strawberry was a failure in our garden. The plants were growing very well, with runners going all around and flowers coming out. But the fruits were not setting properly and most of them were of a pea-size rather than the normal strawberry size.  Hope this won't be a problem in the next planting.


Now a couple of purple flowers. First eggplant or baingan. This plant and flower never had any growth issues and gave us a bumper crop. In a garden dominated by yellow blooms, the purple blooms stand out. 
Pea / amara flower


The next member in the purple color family is pea or amara variety (it's in Malayalam). This bunch of flowers have a shade of purple, pink, white and light rose color. After the first batch of yard long beans and dwarf bush beans, we had real trouble in growing them again. Aphids and a bout of virus were the main reasons. The pea plants were not affected that much, but their growth was really slow.

For more picture, take a look at colors from our garden series part 1.


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